OBJECTIVE: Wireless, RF and Microwave Hardware and System Design

My consulting company, Dome Resonators, provides RF/Microwave design services for military and commercial sectors based on >30 years of RF/Microwave hardware and system design experience. Dome Resonators provides a complete suite of RF design tools including Keysight Genesys Integrated GX suite1 for which I have been named 1 of 13 EDA experts in the US, Ansoft HFSS for accurate and detailed EM modelling, and an extensive set of spreadsheet based RF design calculations. I have a broad spectrum of design experience from low frequency Analog to Microwave/mm Wave frequencies to 200 GHz including several 5G applications,  at a component, hardware and system level. I bring to the table excellent verbal and written skill for proposal and/or documentation of development work.

RF design experience includes, system level link budgets, frequency planning, spurious system performance, cascaded behavioral modeling (compression, harmonics, intermodulation), RF components, matching networks, Package and PCB design, signal control networks (Wilkinson Dividers, Couplers, etc.), high speed digital signal distribution networks for signal integrity, as well as discrete and distributed filters including diplexers, triplexers, and quadriplexers. Extensive experience with optimizing matching networks for PA devices including SI, GaAs, GaN, InP.

EM design experience includes package modeling, SiPs (system in package), LTCC2 (up to 24 layers including embedded matching networks, filters, and RF distribution), QFN, BGA and redistribution networks, and antenna simulations.

I have a proven track record of taking complex RF designs from concept to working models and on to production. I am as comfortable in the lab tuning circuits and working with test equipment as I am behind the computer have developed an efficient balance and integration of the two. I have an extensive network of vendors and manufacturers for PCB design, fabrication, assembly, RF test fixtures, testing, and design verification.