PCB West 2015 Interview

October 9, 2015 – by 

If you weren’t able to attend PCB West or stop by Sierra Circuits’ booth, we missed you! But don’t worry—you can reach out to us any time to discuss our products and services. And because we know keeping up with industry news, standards, and tips is a high priority, we’ve got a brand new video series you’ve got to check out. We talked with vendors, product experts, software engineers, and industry leaders at PCB West. They were all kind enough to share information we know you will enjoy watching. Here is the third of our nine interviews.

Norm Swanberg owns a consulting firm called Dome Resonators. He has over 30 years of experience in wireless, RF and microwave hardware and system design for commercial and defense applications.

Disputing Myths with Norm
Watch the video below to hear why Norm believes the magic of 50 Ohms is a myth, and why designers should use caution before choosing FR-4.